On January, 29th, 2014, the Louisville Courier Journal listed unopposed candidates for the 2014 elections and Richard Matheny of Cardinal Surveying is one of them!  Richard filed this week for his 3rd term as County Surveyor for Jefferson County which encompasses all of Metro Louisville.   Richard serves in this “unpaid” position as a public service to answer land surveying questions for county agencies such as the Metro Planning Commission and Metro Public Works based on his 25 years of surveying experience in Kentucky.   He also assist the general public on local land surveying questions.  Right now, the need for Elevation Certificates under the new F.E.M.A. requirements is a hot topic.  The FEMA rules are requiring many homeowners in Louisville to get new Elevation Certificates.  Richard also gives presentations to local groups such as realtors, bankers and school children to talk about the land surveying history and the need for obtaining a survey when involved in certain real estate transactions, including new home purchases.  Give him a call if you have a question about land surveying or the new F.E.M.A requirements.