A survey provided by a licensed land surveyor is a detailed inspection and investigation of property and its boundaries. A survey will answer many questions about a property. Among the most important are:

  • Where, on the ground, is the property which I have contracted to purchase?
  • Are the physical improvements (house, garage, fences, driveways), which I was shown actually on the property?
  • Is there evidence of encroachments, easements, rights-of-ways or use of the property by others?

The land surveyor will perform research through a variety of sources, which may include the County Clerk’s offices and other municipal agencies, to gather information affecting the boundaries of the property. In addition, the surveyor will study the documents which you supply including those in your preliminary title report. A field survey will then be conducted, searching for and obtaining evidence of the property’s boundaries and locating any visible improvements on or near the property.

When the field survey is complete, the measurements are mathematically proven. The location of the property lines and other described lines are determined and a report, usually in the form of a certified map, is prepared. Additionally, the property may then be staked if you have requested it.

Your attorney, mortgage lender, and title company will all receive copies of the survey, and the title company will prepare their final report based on the findings.